1. Promotional photos I took for NUVOtv’s new show, The Collective

  2. I’m currently a Featured Photographer on ImageShack - cool!

  3. flamelikeme:

    I wrote a short film! It’s called IMMOBILE HOME. I’m going to direct and act in this film, collaborating with many FINE BEAUTIFUL MINDS! I need help raising a meager budget for this wonderful film. Please click here to check out my Kickstarter and throw in a rupee or two! 

    Also, if you’re a fan of FILMMAKING or ME or DONUTS or MANY OTHER PERMUTATIONS OF POSSIBILITIES OF INTERESTS, please share this post and help this story get MADE!!!!!! 

    My best friend is making a film - DO THE RIGHT THING!

  5. Los Angeles 2014


  7. Johnny, LA 2014

  8. Los Angeles 2014

  9. Los Angeles 2014


  10. Hospitality - Going Out