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    Oh hey guys… PARTY TOMORROW! We’re having a fun summer shindig at Redeye Reps and I’ve put together a little photo slideshow for it, featuring some of our favorite LA photographers. 7pm start, at the Redeye barn: 748 Maltman Ave 90026

    List of participating artists:

    Andy J. Scott, Angie Smith, Ben Goddard, Bryan Sheffield, Claudia Lucia, Damon Casarez, Dan Busta, Daniel Seung Lee, Derek Wood, Emily Shur, Graham Hamby, Graham Walzer, J. Wesley Brown, Jessica Sample, JUCO, Laura Taylor, Lauren Randolph, Megan McIsaac, Meiko Arquillos, Michael Hernandez, Michelle Alexis Newman, Nathanael Turner, Nathaniel Wood, Noah Webb, Ryan Schude, Sam Comen, Simone Lueck, Stephanie Gonot, Whitney Hubbs, Ye Rin Mok & Zen Sekizawa


    (flyer by ASHKAHN)

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    peace! yes this is!
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    Checking this out tonight! Looks like a rad evening!
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    Come party!
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    Come party!
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    This is gonna be a good one! Come join us tomorrow for another night of photo fun and great people, I hope to see you...
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    YAY 4 TOMORROW! I may or may not be showing a sneak peak of my new project in collaboration with art director Dawn Kim....
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