1. Miranda, 2012 

  2. Today my dear friend Miranda moved away, and the feeling is melancholy. 

  3. Miranda, 2012

  4. Miranda, 2012 

  5. modelintelligence:

    Episode 2 is up and runnin’! Miranda tells us all about Occupy Wall Street. Beauty and brains? What a hottie. 

    This a web series I’m working on with Stevie Levine. This episode features the stunning Miranda Lilley with hair and makeup by Lindi Taylor. 

  6. Miranda on a street in Paris, July 2011 

    Happy birthday, my sweet! 

  7. Miranda fell asleep while reading her book. Paris, June 2011 

  8. Miranda writing in her journal. Paris, June 2011

  9. Miranda, our last night in Paris, June 2011

  10. Kira, Miranda, Me. Paris, June 2011