1. Palm Springs 2014 

  2. Rumi Neely, Desert Hot Springs, 2012 

    More polaroids over at Kanon’s blog

  3. Alexa Chung, 2011

  4. Alexa Chung, Palm Springs, April 2011 

    Kanon Vodka + Phillip Lim Party

  5. Garance Doré, Phillip Lim + Kanon Vodka Party in Palm Springs, April 2011

    She is so chic. See the photo she took of me here!

  6. Luna, Palm Springs, April 2011

    Adorable to the max! 

  7. Theo Hutchcraft & Tali Lennox, Palm Springs, April 2011

    These two were just lovely. Theo has such amazing style and spirit. Tali is so sweet and stunning.

    Nearly half of my film didn’t develop (ouch) because of the intense heat in Palm Springs, but I was happy this one made it through. One of my favorite polaroids from the weekend. More here

  8. Photo of me in Palm Springs this past weekend. Taken by best friend + travel companion, Kira Hesser. New hair by my sister Lindi, who is super talented and amazing at it! Just like our mama. 

  9. Rumi Neely, Palm Springs, April 2011

    More digitals from the Kanon Vodka/Phillip Lim party up here!

  10. Alexa Chung, Palm Springs, April 2011 

    Shot for Kanon Vodka at the Phillip Lim Party. See more polaroids here

    And this is new Impossible Project film, to be released on their website soon. Fun.