1. Miranda, Los Angeles, March 2011 

  2. Harper + Elanor, Los Angeles, April 2011

  3. Elanor and Harper running through the weeds, Los Angeles, April 2011 

    shot with Impossible Project film. 

  4. Elanor, Los Angeles, April 2011 

    This was a collaboration with Megan Kain. It was all her concept, I just got to capture it. The video should be preeettyyy great. 

  5. Rumi Neely, Palm Springs, April 2011

    More digitals from the Kanon Vodka/Phillip Lim party up here!

  6. Alexa Chung, Palm Springs, April 2011 

    Shot for Kanon Vodka at the Phillip Lim Party. See more polaroids here

    And this is new Impossible Project film, to be released on their website soon. Fun. 

  7. Stevie, Los Angeles, February 2011

  8. Miranda, Los Angeles, March 2011 

    video to come.