1. Sleepers in Paris, 2011

  2. One of my favorite things in life is Brandon’s shoulder freckles. 

  3. Moroccan cat - “No photos please”

    Marrakech, Summer 2011 

  4. Downtown LA 

  5. Carré today in Downtown LA. 

    This pretty lady is about to go on tour in London and Paris with her band Queen Kwong, and has a Kickstarter page to help raise funds. Please consider helping her out, she deserves it!

  6. Olivia Wilde + Samantha Ronson, Los Angeles, July 2011 

  7. Miranda fell asleep while reading her book. Paris, June 2011 

  8. My beautiful friends picnicking in the park today. 

  9. Patrick Fugit at the Nylon Magazine party for Olivia Wilde. Mondrian Hotel, July 2011 

    More photos I took for Kanon Vodka over here!

  10. Mimi CousCous, my favorite Moroccan cat. Marrakech, July 2011