1. Screenshots from Happy & You Know It - a web series I’ve been shooting with my dear friends Kira and Ramsey for the past year. Can’t wait to release it into the wild. 

  2. I long to create, but have a lot of anxiety that what I make won’t be good enough. 

    (Source: thedarlinglife.com)

  3. I made a video collage of 2011 - Paris, Marrakech, New York City, Los Angeles. 

    Music: Phantogram - “Turning Into Stone” 

  4. Clips from a trip I took to New York City in March. 

  5. Miranda, Los Angeles, March 2011 

    Song: Sleeping States - "Sleeping States, Or Who Has Been Rocking My Dreamboat?"

    Video is a different beast, but I’m having a lot of fun. 

  6. Sunset over Hollywood Hills. 

    Song: Deerhunter - "Tape Hiss Orchid" 

  7. Rain in LA is kind of an event. It’s silly, really. I’m usually perfectly content with movie marathoning it on such a dreary day, but yesterday I forced myself to leave the house and go “make something”. So I went down to the always strange Hollywood Blvd to see how the sulking tourists were holding up.  In the process I broke one umbrella and bought some new pants from Zara. And I took some video. And that is this.

    Song: Eels - "Marie Floating Over the Backyard" 

  8. A video collage from the past several months. Shot with a Canon SD600 and Canon G12. 

    I couldn’t help myself — the deliciously sad, cinematic music is Max Richter -Infra 4

    You can buy the song or entire album here

  9. clips from the past few weeks. 

    song: Shout Out Louds - Ill Wills